I make large paintings of plankton, microscopic marine organisms, that are juxtaposed with man-made objects. These juxtapositions explore the relationship between visible and invisible, terrestrial and marine, and synthesized and natural worlds.

I paint glazes of oil or acrylic on small cradled board panels that are placed next to each other to merge into larger images. The panels can be turned or rearranged to change the composition. My paintings are unified by the use of a limited palette of three colors and white.

My paintings are informed by my education as an oceanographer and my fascination with life in the ocean. I am inspired by the diversity of planktonic forms, and the interconnections between the ocean and terrestrial worlds, particularly humans of the 21st century.

About Liz Ewings

I am a Seattle native. I love to visit new places, and even live in them, but I keep returning to the West Coast. Kind of like a salmon, but without the spawning. I spent many years in the fashion industry, then visited Australia and saw whales for the first time. Whales catalyzed my return to the Northwest to study natural science illustration, and oceanography at the University of Washington. In my work as a naturalist in the San Juan Islands and Southeast Alaska, and became fascinated with our relationship to nature.

I am inspired by oceanic flora and fauna, and use their morphology to examine our relationship with the ocean in my work.